How To Do Psychometry Psychic Ability

How to do psychometry or post-cognition, a psychic development tool. Train your intuition to pick up the past, present, and future. What Is Psychometry Or Post-cognition Psychometry belongs to the category extrasensory perception or ESP. Psychometry is also known as post-cognition or object reading, it is the art of sensing vibrations left … Read More

Scrying Psychic Ability How To

Scrying psychic ability is known also as crystal ball gazing, where visions of the present or future events are revealed. Scrying esoteric definition Scrying is known also as crystal ball gazing, where visions of the present or future events are revealed. Scrying may be used for divination purposes for a single client … Read More

Learn How To See Auras

Learn how to see auras colours with easy to do exercises, understanding our aura energy field by psychic medium Ian Scott. Learn How To See Auras What is the aura? We’re made up of three definable parts, the mind (our processor), body (our case or vehicle) and our soul. Our soul is … Read More

Psychic Mediumship Art Of Channeling

Spirituality and the art form of Psychic Mediumship and channeling the passed over and spirit guides by psychic medium Ian Scott Channeling a spirit guide Becoming a medium does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of soul-searching, discipline, and training of the mind, body, and spirit. An older soul ( young … Read More

Psychic Gifts?

Explore your spiritual psychic gifts do you have any? A list of spiritual gifts you can develop for yourself. by psychic medium Ian Scott The Nine Psychic Gifts Below is a list of spiritual gifts one may attain or be born with on the way to enlightenment. On the road to spirituality … Read More

What Is Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Meaning Reiki healing meaning induces a state of calm or a kind of still point where the body can heal itself, which it is designed to do. Reiki Definition The literal translation of the word Reiki can be broken down as follows: Redescribes the universal and limitless aspect of the … Read More

Beach Oracle Card Meaning

Spiritual New Age Meditation Music Beach oracle card Nature’s Oracle Card Divination Beach. A spiritual message a meditation video and meditation music. Nature’s Oracle Introduction Wind Oracle Card. Nature’s Oracle the way of energy a spiritual Oracle focused on raising one’s consciousness toward an understanding of the self, peace, and compassion. Ian Scott psychic … Read More