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Practicality Of Integrity In Magick

art of magick

The spirituality of esoteric magic and how we can utilize and define practical magick in our lives. by psychic medium Ian Scott. Spirituality of Magick Creativity if you can create you can manifest. There are no limitations you can do anything. Allow the flow of the Awen to enter. Be excited … Read more

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Duality Spiritual Awareness

spiritual awareness

Duality Spiritual awareness and growth of the planet determine the balance of light and dark. A spiritual awakening article channeled. We live in a duality world, where there is light, there is dark. The world is full of people radiating love, light, and nonviolence and the world is also full of … Read more

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What Is Spirituality?

What is spirituality, personal development and transformation developing
spiritual awareness. The art of spirituality by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles.

what is spirituality
Spiritual Awareness without religion

Spirituality without religion

I find it difficult to separate our spirituality from our physicality, emotions, and our mental and psychological make-up.The thing about spirituality is that it has become a fashion rather than a primal part of our lives and is thought of as something to obtain rather than to be. It’s tragic that so many religious wars have been fought, lives and loves lost and so much confusion has been created about this aspect of our make-up because we have lost touch with our spiritual centre.

There is a need for us to reclaim our wholeness and our innate power, but there is no real formula to reclaim this centre as it is a personal journey of discovery. It’s the way you live your life from one second to the next. To me, spirituality is about balance and awareness. It’s about knowing yourself, questioning everything and becoming all you are capable of becoming a unique expression of the whole – and as such it is really by necessity a selfish way of being. It requires the setting of boundaries, of being disciplined, responsible and authentic. Trouble is, most of us don’t have the commitment to live so honestly or the time to do the work that this task requires.

Spiritual Growth What Is Spirituality?

Above the door of the Hermetic Temple is a sign saying “Know Thyself”. It is one of the greatest challenges anybody can undertake in their lives on a road that asks everything from you: determination, commitment, creativity, surrender and most of all spirituality. What you get back is the self-knowledge and the power to be and to change. Magic. It is said that knowledge is power but knowledge and power both require balance. Eventually, knowledge and power become wisdom and this power becomes a very humbling thing. Knowledge is only knowledge when you truly know it from within. External knowledge cannot be trusted.

Many of the magical traditions, such as Wicca, Paganism, Druidism, and even Buddhism have been designed for an initiate to progressively work their way through various grades or levels of self-knowledge or self-realization. The training usually involves tuning and aligning with the various elements of nature and to become one with the universal flow that is life.

Every grade becomes a building block for the next, where you develop certain abilities and your realisations deepen, as you sharpen your senses along the way. If you don’t decide to work under the umbrella of one of these traditions, dedicate some time each day to go within and develop some kind of daily meditation practice to open the pathways of your mind to the multitude of dimensions that await your awareness.

Although meditation and visualization are really important tools to master if you make every act and thought a meditation you begin to see the sacred in every part of life. By simply shifting your attention this way ordinary acts like eating become a sacred act as it is feeding your temple and providing your spirit with a place of beauty in which to reside.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary with a flick of a switch in your mind, by changing your perspective on every moment. You will create change within when you are sleeping, working, making love, communicating, working, playing, breathing and even arguing. Start with a short period of time and with vigilance increase it to a way of being and watch your world transform.  © Jyoti Eagles

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Create Your Own Future

Create Your Own Future

Create Your Own Future spiritual quote. Inspirational spiritual growth through personal knowledge of thyself and awareness developing personal skills. Create Your Own Future Spiritual Quote Future spiritual quote surrender to the highest force of your being, the parts of you which run at a higher vibration, happy and full of energy. … Read more

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Finding Balance Within Our Thoughts

finding balance
 finding balance
Spiritual Development Staying In The Positive


Self Awareness

Which of these emotions are affecting you right now about anyone or anything? If your feelings are in the negative you will need to communicate and be honest with yourself and others to shift you and your relationships into a new positive change or risk losing what is around you. Give yourself a score, each time you recognize one of these feelings in yourself mark it down as a point. A score over ten in one column gives you a clear answer to are you in the positive?

Finding Balance And Happiness

If your feelings are already in the positive then congratulations, you will be feeling happy and have loving people and friends around you. Your communication is clear and people are assured of your love and honesty.© by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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