Full Moon Energy December 2015

Full Moon Energy December Astrology Meaning Moon energy December 25th full moon in Cancer 3°. Some warm cosy vibes this full moon focused on loving kindness to solve our communication problems with the ones who are close to us. A minor grand trine occurs on the December full moon forming a triangle between Venus, … Read More


Full Moon November 2015

Full Moon November Astrology Meaning Full Moon November 25th in Gemini 3° this month’s full moon kicks off Saturn square Neptune which will hold it influences through most of 2016.  A powerful and overwhelming aspect bringing in a strong sense of reality and severe harshness of truth. A time when we need … Read More

New Moon November 2015 New Chapter

New Moon November Astrology Meaning New moon in Scorpio 19° Thursday the 12th of November 2015 AEST. This months new moon has a fortuitous abundant energy with vibrant tones from the lucky planet Jupiter. In alignment with the waxing new moon is the fixed star Zubeneschamali (claw of the Scorpion) the psychic one, both … Read More

New Moon October 2015 Catalyst

New Moon October 2015  Astrology The new moon on October the 13th 2015  arrives at 11.05 am AEST and falls in the zodiac sign of Libra 19-20º. The Libra new moon is a fortunate one, it marks the month of the yang fire dog and the settling of energy shifts in 2015 after a series of … Read More