Spiritual Quote Oracle

A random generated spiritual quote connection, find some wisdom and peace or a meditation theme as you tune into inspirational spiritual quotes. Spiritual Quote Oracle Use this spirituality quote oracle as a daily spiritual quote or wisdom and enlightenment session. Simply click the image below and the random spiritual quote generator will … Read More


Start A Psychic Fire

How to build a psychic fire. A look at the attitude needed to manifest and the symbology behind it. Start A Psychic Fire  Inspirational Quote The psychic fire. Thoughts have electrical beginnings, a thought is a spark, unless of course if you pour water on it. An action from that thought is … Read More

Channelled Spirit Message From Canoe

Channelled Spirit Message Wisdom From The Spirit Guides Spirituality channelling Spirit Guide star seed Canoe shares his wisdom. Inspirational Spiritual Quote. Channelled Spirit Message. Look once Look twice Look three times, Only then shall you see what is really there. The best way to understand quotes from spirit is to read them … Read More