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Seeing The Future Quote

seeing the future quote

Seeing The Future Quote wisdom earth knowledge love and light a spiritual quote from psychic medium Ian Scott Thrive On News seeing the future quote Seeing Into the future guides our present with compass-like precision Heals our past Aligns us with who we really are Making our purpose clear Keeping us … Read more

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Start A Psychic Fire

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start a psychic fire
Spiritual Quote

How to build a psychic fire. A look at the attitude needed to manifest and the symbology behind it.

Start A Psychic Fire  Inspirational Quote

The psychic fire. Thoughts have electrical beginnings, a thought is a spark, unless of course if you pour water on it. An action from that thought is a fire, a fire can warm the cold or burn destruction. Manifest wisely, only absorb and act upon positive thoughts.

The universal energies available to earth now are stronger than they have ever been before. Allowing our thoughts and our spiritual growth to light strong enough fires for cities to use as lights. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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44 Nature’s Oracle Cards
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Channelled Spirit Message


Spirituality channelling Spirit Guide star seed Canoe shares his wisdom. Inspirational Spiritual Quote. Channelled Spirit Message Channeled Spirit Message Spirituality channeling Spirit Guide star seed Canoe shares his wisdom. Inspirational Spiritual Quote. Channeled Spirit Message. Look once Look twice Look three times, Only then shall you see what is really there. … Read more

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