Samhain Meaning

Samhain meaning in celebration the Pagans and Druids have gathered once more to perform the fire rituals and guide the tribe.  Samhain Samhain.  (pronounces sow-in) November 1st in the Northern Hemisphere 1st of May in the Southern Hemisphere. The wheel of the year says It is Samhain fire festival time, and the … Read More

Lughnasadh Meaning

Lughnasadh Festival (Pronounces ‘loo-nus-uh’) The Sun god weds the Earth goddess to cause the ripening and fertility of the crops. Lughnasadh Meaning Six weeks later we come to the time of Lughnasadh (also known as Lammas) on August 1st, in the Northern Hemisphere and 2nd February in the Southern Hemisphere. Lughnasadh was … Read More

Summer Solstice Meaning

Summer Solstice Meaning The Summer Solstice, also known in other Pagan, Celtic, Druid and Wiccan traditions as Alban Heruin, Litha or Midsummer, occurs each year on or around the 21st/22nd June in the Northern Hemisphere and 21st / /22nd December in the Southern. The Summer Solstice meaning is a time when powerful magic … Read More