Beech Tree Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Ogham Tree Lore Beech spiritual, metaphysical and magical meanings behind the symbol/letter for Beech tree by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles.


Furze Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Thy yellow blooms – oh, they to me Are gold and sunshine blent together Moses Teggart 1908 Ogham Letters Meanings Furze Ogham Letter :    O English: Furze, Gorse Celtic: Ohn, Onn Latin: Ulex Europeans Ogham Astrology: Venus Element: Earth Spiritual Meaning Furze Industry, protection, vibrancy, independence intelligence, passion, sexuality. Due to its prickly nature, it is also a tree of protection. Ohn signifies collecting things of value. It indicates the gathering of all the things needed to carry out your goals, or of … Read More

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