Rowan Tree Meaning

Rowan Tree Symbolism ancient legend has it that if you ate the rowan tree berries you would be young and joyful forever in mind and body. Rowan Tree Birth Sign January 21st – February 17th Rowan Tree Symbolism The second tree in the Ogham alphabet, the … Read more

Elder Tree Symbolism

Elder Tree Magical Meaning one of the strongest reputations for fairy and witch superstitions and magical protection of all the Ogham trees. Ogham Astrology Elder: November 25th – December 23rd English: Elder Celtic: Ruis Latin: Sambucus nigra Planet: Venus Ogham Element Elder: Water   Elder Tree Symbol … Read more

Honeysuckle Spiritual Meaning

Honeysuckle Spiritual Meaning. The Ogham Alphabet – Honeysuckle: Mainly as a decorative climber, renowned for its sweet smell and taste. Ogham Letters Meanings Honeysuckle English: Honeysuckle – also known as Woodbine. Celtic: Uilleand Latin: Lonicera periclymenum Ogham Astrology: Mars in Cancer. Spiritual Meaning Honeysuckle Honeysuckle meaning. … Read more

Ivy Spiritual Meaning

Ivy spiritual meaning. In ancient times Ivy was made into an ale which was used in conjunction with hallucinogenic mushrooms create a frenzy and induce vision Ivy, spiral of revelation search for self-brings transformation Ogham letters meaning Ivy English: Ivy Astrology Birth: September 30th – October 27th Celtic: Gort … Read more