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Spiritual Meaning Of Trees

tree spiritual meaning

Spiritual meaning of trees the eternal present, The Tree of Life made manifest. Trees are living, breathing beings, with an aura of power. Symbolism Of Trees To the Druids and many other people’s of the old world, there is a recognition that certain trees provide a powerful spiritual presence. Specific trees … Read more

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Gum Tree Uses And Meaning

Gum Tree meaning

Australian Eucalyptus tree or gum tree, spiritual and indigenous magical meanings. Learn all about the gum tree and it’s amazing uses and benefits. Gum Tree Spiritual Meaning and Medicinal Uses An amazingly iconic and dominate specimen of Australian flora is the Eucalyptus tree or more commonly known as the Gum tree. … Read more

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Beech Tree Spiritual Meaning

ogham letter

Beech tree spiritual meaning Magic and ancient knowledge revealed. Letting go of fixed ideas. Learning from the past. Language, literature, and books. Ogham Tree Lore Beech tree meaning spiritual, metaphysical and magical meanings behind the symbol/letter for Beech tree by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles. Ogham Letters Meanings Beech Tree Ogham letter: … Read more

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What Is Kodama


Kodama Spirit Meaning Kodama is a Japanese word, Ko meaning Tree and Dama meaning Spirit. The Japanese people believe all living things have a spirit ( Kami ) or soul. Tree groves are sacred ground all over the world, many have ancient buildings and churches built in and around them. In … Read more

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Stinging Plant A Healing Method

stinging-plant Cairns

Australia’s Stinging Plant The stinging plant or Dendrocnide moroides is one of Queensland’s most unseen tropical tourist hazards.  Spread throughout the Eastern Australian tropical rain forests, this unusual local is named for the extreme stinging pain received if it comes in contact with your skin. Although there are a few different species … Read more

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Paperbark Tree Spiritual Meaning

paper bark tree

The spiritual, medicinal properties of the Australian Melaleuca tree. (Paperbark tree spiritual meaning) A truly amazing tree and its healing benefits. Paperbark Tree Australia The iconic Paperbark tree, its name is derived from the trees bark that flakes and peels but has a softer texture than paper and also thicker. Known by its … Read more

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Banksia Tree Australia

honey eater

  Banksia Tree One of the most recognizable floral symbols of Australia is the Banksia tree. This fascinating plant is one of a few that thrive in the varying climates of our coastal regions. There are 170 species of the Banksia, ranging in size from small woody shrubs to tall trees … Read more

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