Healing Heart Guided Meditation

Healing with heart in mind. Spiritual healing meditation, healing the heart. Meditation technique and method of visualization, by psychic medium Ian Scott Learn Healing Heart Meditation A Technique A healing heart meditation, find a peaceful area where you won’t be distracted for meditation, settle comfortably into a bed, lying on your back. … Read More


Written Meditation Book Of Life

Written meditation book. Approaching the enchanted book you notice it glisten with what looks like rays of the sun the inspiration of the Awen. Written Meditation Your Personal Spiritual Pathway Written meditation. Lay comfortably relax the body, close the eyes and slowly breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. … Read More

Aspen Tree Meditation Music

Meditation music sacred aspen grove Aspen Tree Meditation Music The Aspen trees just love to help to energise the weary traveller and heal the tired healer. Upon entering the sacred aspen grove you are asked to release yourself from all negative thinking and to ground yourself with a sense of peace for … Read More


Shamans Magic Evoke The Eagle

 We stand here flat-footed, grounded, driven to and by the earth Palms to the sky, head tilted towards the sun, we close our eyes Shifting from the sands beneath us eagle flurries his wings Emerging in a whirlwind his feathers cover our bodies. Animal Spirit Eagle Wisdom Seeing with the clarity of a … Read More

Find Your Animal Spirit Through Meditation

  Animal Spirit Guide Guided Meditation This particular meditation is best practiced late at night when the body is tired. Falling asleep after this visualization is recommended, animal spirits find us in our astral travels, our dreams, everyday life. and our meditations. We all have the opportunity to connect and work with … Read More