Guided Meditation The Pebble

Written Meditation Healing Technique This written meditation is designed to heal one of a long-suffering emotional scar from the past (PTSD). Although it may be used to heal or rid yourself of negative energies of the present too. There is a list of tools you will need as this written meditation relies on … Read More


Anxiety Relief Meditation Dynamic Tensioning

Anxiety relief meditation Dynamic tensioning helps relieve and release knotted muscles & joints. Calm the mind by relaxing the bodies central nervous system Silence the mind, relax the body, shed the worries and relieve the tension. Anxiety relief meditation. Find a comfortable place with low light and relative quietness, laying down is … Read More

Meditation Script Astral Travel

Written meditation script for astral travel. Astral travel or OBE out of the body experience enables us, our soul to venture off without the body. Shamans, witches, and persons of magic are usually accredited with this miraculous event. But the truth is we all astral travel every night our soul returns to spirit … Read More

Guided Colour Meditation For Kids

Designed for the home or meditation teacher. Written meditation scripts are especially useful for those wanting to record their own voice and meditation music, creating their own personalised guided meditation. We can learn a lot about ourselves by listening to our own voice, a spiritual exercise in knowing thyself. Some people find … Read More