Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning

Praying Mantis spiritual meaning delves into the mystical realms of spirit and is often seen as a spiritual guide, pointing the way to the inner self. Praying Mantis Symbolism Praying Mantis animal spirit is both Yin (female) and yang (male) energy, but in essence is female,  Careful deliberate planning in all aspects of … Read More


Frog Meaning Signs Symbols

Frog Meaning Signs Symbols What does finding a dead frog mean? Animal spirit medicine frog is a powerful transformation within the soul beckoning a resurrection. Frog Meaning Signs Symbols Frog totem animal initiates powerful transformation within the soul, beckoning a resurrection a reemergence of the true self to the surface. Frog spirit … Read More

Butterfly Symbolism And Meaning

Butterfly meaning. The Divine Feminine Essence of the Goddess is contained in Butterfly. From orange to blue butterfly signs and symbolism. Butterfly Quotes The Dimension Travellers Playful soul, seeker of joy, dimension Traveller, spirit seer,  Self discoveries are near. Ian Scott Butterfly Meaning Metaphysical  Butterfly meaning spiritual. Acceptance of Change, Metamorphosis, The Changeling, Powerful … Read More

Grasshopper Meaning Spiritual Symbolic

Grasshopper meaning. When a grasshopper enters your home it is truly a sign an omen. Signifying abundance and spiritual wealth.   Grasshopper meaning also includes the cricket being from the same family (Order Orthoptera). A quick way to tell a grasshopper from a cricket is the size of his antenna. A cricket … Read More

Ladybug Symbolism And Meaning

Ladybug meaning or ladybeetle animal spirit messages, signs, metaphysical symbols and spiritual meanings from psychic medium Ian Scott   Ladybug Meaning The ladybug meaning the good luck beetle, Inner peace, Harmony, Renewal and regeneration, Visionary, Spiritual guidance and devotion, Connected to the elements fire and air, Magical protection, and guarded secrets are ladybug’s … Read More

Magpie Meaning Spiritual

Magpie meaning. supreme communicator bringing forth courage withwisdom and sociability with freedom. A part of the wise counsel and delivering a prophecy.Magpie Meaning SpiritualMagpies striking black and white plumage is a lesson in Yin and Yang. Showing us clearly the duality and balance of life here on earth. The Magpie meaning embodies both … Read More

Crow Symbolism

Crow Meaning The Spellbinders The past, the present, the future I dwell in all of them and at the same time. I am Crow, master of illusion and keeper of sacred law. Come share with me the magic I explore.   Crow Symbolism. The spiritual and metaphysical of the animal spirit guide … Read More