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How To Develop Telepathy

How to develop telepathy your all-natural spiritual and psychic ability
with these exercises by psychic astrologer Jyoti Eagles.

how to develop telepathy

The Need For Telepathic Communication

Last month a category 5 cyclone hit the coastal town in which I live in Queensland, Australia. Apart from the devastation to the animal and plant life and the damage to people’s property – roads, power, and communication were cut for a good week leaving us in total isolation. It really brought home to me just how reliant we are on technology and false luxuries. On the drug companies and food corporations for our existence.

At the same time, it rather reinstated my faith in human nature and our basic sense of community. People flocked to the beaches in the heatwave that followed to cool themselves down, as they had no air conditioning. Those who had food that needed to be eaten shared it with neighbors in street gatherings. We reached out to each other with support and strength and generosity that wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

There was also the odd thief and vandal but they were far fewer than the good Samaritans. If the power had been out for much longer we wouldn’t have had water as pumps are needed to provide it to houses. I hate to think what the consequences of that would have been. The local supermarket used huge generators to power their fridges and produce ice but these too were powered by fuel which was in minimal supply.

It all made me realize how easily the world could be thrown into chaos with a simple flick of a switch and reminded me not to become complacent or apathetic as the powers that be would have us become. As we slowly drag ourselves out of our slumber and more and more light permeates the dark veil of deception under which we have been enveloped, it becomes obvious that we must sharpen our weapons and prepare for battle.

As spiritual warriors, our weapons are those tools which lay dormant within us and which we have been shrouded with guild and superstition for a few generations, but as we head towards the portal of light these hidden talents are resurfacing and tickling our curiosity as we dare to explore the feminine once more.

About the only thing that frustrated me during our week of community was the fact that I couldn’t let my children know that I was alright as phones and computers were out of action and I wished I had taught them to develop their telepathic skills, so I have decided to share with you, my method of telepathic communication.

Telepathy Definition

We are all psychic creatures by nature and this ability is something we can easily train ourselves to trust and reawaken. The word telepathy gives us a clue as to how it is achieved. Tele means distance and pathy means feelings. The more emotion (energy in motion) you put into your message the greater the chance of success. It is a fine balance however because you also have to be able to get out of your own way and relax both body and mind.

Most of us experience some form of mind to mind communication ( telepathy ) in our day to day life and take it for granted. When you know who is on the phone before you answer is a good example. The person calling has thought of you as they dial your number and your energy field has picked up on that as it travels, faster than the speed of light, through the invisible waves called memes.

Learn Telepathy

Telepathy can be spontaneous or at will. It helps to be energetically connected to the person you wish to be in a telepathic connection with but is not vital. Couples quite often have spontaneous communication because their energy fields have bonded, but as I have already said, we are psychic creatures by nature and all that is needed is a little practice with a willing sender and a willing receiver.

Telepathy Exercises

Decide who will be which for your practice sessions. I find it helps to send on the colour red and receive on the colour blue; active and receptive. If it helps to start with, agree on a time to practice, but make it short – say 15 minutes maximum, otherwise, the mind can play tricks. You will know the real thing when it happens. It is that thought or feeling that just seems to pop into your head from nowhere, just like an intuitive flash.

The sender needs to harness their will power and concentration, conjuring up as much feeling as they can without their mind getting in the way. The Receiver needs to clear their mind and open themselves to being as empty as possible. A calm and quiet environment helps but after a while it is not necessary.

To begin with, close your eyes to block out external distractions and create a clear vision of the person you are sending to. Call them in. Imagine them just a few feet away from you. (Using a photo can help your visualization skills if you doubt them). Some people visualize a silver tube that connects both minds, a bit like a telephone line which acts as a channel through which you communicate. You could start by sending an image of an apple, using all your senses of taste, colour and smell and sight in your transmission.

A really good one to start your telepathy exercise with is to will your subject to call you. Visualize them picking up their phone and dialing your number. With focus, see the whole process clearly in your mind and will them to call.

It may take some patience and practice by telepathy can be learned and cultivated very easily and with astonishing clarity and accuracy. It is only limited by your imagination… or lack of it. © Jyoti Eagles

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