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Testimonial Robert Beeton

Thrive on News Review by Robert Beeton

review thrive on newsThrive on news is a website dedicated to bringing you all news that is spiritual.It covers everything from meanings of things, such as planets and colour, to numerology and quantum physics.This is fantastic as you will always stumble upon something different and interesting.Upon landing on the main page you discover the wealth of subjects covered and some of the sites latest posts. The use of the pictures combined with a mystic background creates a great touch to the page.

The only thing I would change is making the page less cluttered and add a second navigation for all the links below the header picture.Readers want a snap shot and not to be too overwhelmed. Flicking through the content of the website, i discovered that the information is informative, creative and interesting and that many who have written testimonials agree. They are well written with clear headings so the flow of each piece is easy to follow.

I like that each piece has a star rating so you can see others thoughts and reactions on each piece written. The site is run by Psychic medium Ian Scott who is from Australia and has over 30 years experience in the field. The fact that someone who has great experience and a wealth of knowledge in the subject only strengthens your faith in the news and information that Thrive on News delivers.

Readers who have left Testimonials have even quoted Ian thanking him for his help which is a great promotion of himself and the sites broad range of information. Overall the website provides a great range of factual reads and pieces that will provoke discussion. The design of the site is reasonably easy to follow however it needs to be decluttered a little.

Great Work! By Robert Beeton