The Bankers Twist Playing With Words

money and greed

Global Elite Bankers

Federal Reserve Conspiracy

Credit equals money. Credits for payment. Credit equals money wrong. Credit equals debt. It is not a credit card it is a debt card. Keeping you forever in debt. Referring to it’s correct name will relinquish the false impression on the mind. DEBT CARDS are like poker machines designed to make money with very little or no advantage to the player except to fall deeper into the DEBT CARD spiral.

Debit is your own money, notice the close relationship with the word debt. In the end it is an upside down, back the front, never being able to distinguish the difference in the word play. This is what makes it so difficult to work out what is good and what is bad. The global elite for a very long time have turned and twisted words and made us think we are doing a good thing but really we play right into their hands and become unknowing puppets ourselves. What is good for us is most likely bad, what is bad for us is most likely good.

Have not want not. This statement like a lot of  others created in this way are controlling and a demeaning loss of personal power. The statement should read Want not Have not. If we do not want for anything, we will never have anything. Through thought, passion and action we may create anything we choose to manifest. Contemplation breeds wisdom and understanding – Ian Scott #Endthefed 2015


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