Astrology – The Grand Cardinal Crossing

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Astrologically, April 2014 brings some of the most significant planetary alignments for a long time to come. It all began with the full blood moon in Libra on the 15th which, by itself is asking us to take a long hard look at ourselves through the mirrors which are being held up to us, and demand we take responsibility for our relationships by setting boundaries and maintaining balance. Then on the 22nd Mars, which is retrograde in Libra, opposes Uranus in Aries, squared off with Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer. On the 29th April, there is a solar eclipse, just to wrap it all up into one huge cosmic parcel of transformation and change.

Grand cardinal cross

What does this mean?  Both oppositions and squares are challenging aspects, but when these four larger than life influences line up in an exact grand cross (all at 13 degrees) it means that our very foundations are soon to be shaken up and will force us to evolve.

Let’s break it up into sections so that it is easier to understand what all the hype is about with this epic event. Pluto is the planet of death, transformation and regeneration. Of sex, power and money issues. When it is in the house of Capricorn it is about transforming hierarchical structures of governments, banks, corporations and those in power. Death and rebirth.

Uranus is the planet of unexpected change, invention, and technology. Put it in the house of Aries, who is impulsive and somewhat aggressive by nature, we have a rebellion on our hands -and the revolt of the individuals. (It would be wise to back up important files on your computer as Uranus also rules Space, satellites and, interestingly airplanes … ?) Square this off with Jupiter, the planet of luck expansion sitting in Cancer, we feel a larger than life need to nurture and protect our homes and family during the collapse of the world’s elite power and infrastructure.

Mars in Libra is about restoring the balance, justice and equality through aggression and violence if needed. As it is retrograde there might be a period of reviewing the old before it turns direct next month, but, under these conditions, the warrior planet, in opposition to its ruling sign, will not tolerate the threat of a police state or the obvious repression the many have been subjected to – and He will be looking at ways to best use force to restore the balance.

No matter how you look at this grand cross – it talks about confrontation, frustration, tension, anger and resentment.  All appropriate and justified feelings which could turn explosive. Remember, the planets only destroy what needs to go – both in the world and in our personal lives. Structures will change, systems will fail, revolutions will erupt and family patterns will transform. Ideas and belief systems will be tested and fears faced. Relationships will mutate and break downs and break ups will occur. Be careful of accidents.

The best way to move through this is to be willing to let go of what no longer serves you and let these great planets do their Godly thing Honesty is the best option. We are being offered a new stage on which to play and a new script to read which promises evolution, growth and a united purpose. The way I see it – the grand cross is giving structure to the wheel of fortune – carrying us in our Chariot into a new era.  We can either choose to let go of the old or have it ripped straight out of our hands.

What lies ahead is a new phase of our evolutionary journey, and whether we like it or not – we are all a part of it! Personally, I think its rather exciting. We have all become rather fractious about the blatant manipulation and lies Big Brother has fed us as they attempt to steer us towards a one world order. Most people have become a little complacent, but under this influence complacency and denial are not an option. You can kick and scream as much as you like but we are at the gateway and if you don’t go through it willingly – you will be dragged through! I firmly believe that we haven’t even begun to tap into what we are capable of as a species, and in our heart of hearts we know that truth is on our side. Expect the unexpected and trust as Magic happens… – Jyoti Eagles


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