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The Earth Mystics Five

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The Earth Mystics Five

Chapter 5 – The Mystics

Frozen with wonder and as still as a frozen lake, although fear evaded her. Elysha felt amazingly drawn, almost as though there was a magnet surrounding them, creating a field of energy that seemed to pull everything into them: an electric magnetic field of sorts.

earth mystics five

Distance decreased whilst simultaneously strengthening their electromagnetic force, which to Elysha had now become apparent. They stood to face each other, less than arm lengths away and Elysha and her mother both realized it was an elderly man and elderly woman, and the woman was obviously blind, for she clearly had no eyes. Striking, were the elderly man’s eyes, a detailed emerald green, clear and sharp, but he did not seem able to speak English, which just happens to divert all her attention.

Then finally she managed a movement, slowly turning to her mother, but realizing she must’ve felt the same, by the wide-eyed glistening look in her eyes, Elysha knew she had to do or say something, answers were in need. Stepping forward she held out her hand and said “Hello, my name is Elysha and this beautiful woman here is my mother. Please excuse us if we have upset or disturbed you, it was not our intent, but if there is any information you would be willing to share about this place we would be very grateful for it. We have been in search of this park for a long time and would just like to learn more about it”.

Silence fell as she stood with an outstretched hand and almost as if in slow motion the elderly woman took a step forward, grabbed Elysha’s hand and held it gently as she begun to speak “We’ve been awaiting your arrival. The saviours of the land were foretold by the prophets of a time long gone. At a passing intersection of ancient spirits. Connected and delicately held together by the fabric of consciousness interwoven into all of us, seen in small moments of purity and integrity, cradled by love and sung with serenity.”

Earth Mystics The Couple

At this point, the elderly man moved forward but he did not shake hands, instead, he hugged them both, a warm and genuine embrace. During this seemingly short moment of human interaction, both Elysha and her mother were flooded with detailed and vivid signs in visions. Although the images and messages were different, their feelings were mutually entwined and mentally refined, looking through the third eye, the old looking glass of time.

Together Elysha and her mother wore looks of disbelief, what saviours? prophets? ancient spirits? What fabric? small moments? Cradled? serenity?….. Third eye? “Please do tell me what you mean!?” exclaimed Elysha in a rather excited tone of voice

“To get the right answers you must first ask the right questions..” replied the elderly woman, continuing on “But first. My name is Gawandah” then as she gestured towards the elderly man, “and this is Dulgu, our families have been here for many generations and yet we two are all that’s left so it is up to us to ensure its growth and protection by finding suitable guardians, which only time will tell. But for now, we will go and meditate, feel free to go where you please, just don’t harm a thing.

Tomorrow just before dusk we will be tending to the vegetable gardens on the outskirts so if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to come down and ask”. “We’re honoured to have met you both” she finished just before she turned and began walking away, with the elderly man following close behind but not before looking back with a smile on his face. Elysha and her mother turned to each other giggling but turned back and found…. nothing….. No one was there anymore, not even further down the path, there was no sign or even feeling of other people being around.

More shocks and surprises, it almost became overwhelming and as they stood there they thought and they thought. Who were those elderly people? Why were they waiting for them? What do they mean by ‘foretold by prophets’? When is this happening? Where did they come from and now where did they disappear off to? Then Elysha started wondering, how she is going to inform her friends, her partners in the journey. Would they, could they believe this extraordinary story, well how could they when she still can’t believe it, but how could she when she didn’t understand it yet, she couldn’t make sense of it yet, but she did know that she’d be thinking about it all even after she’s asleep in bed. © Wendee Valencia

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