Gooseberry Spiritual Meaning

ogham meanings gooseberry

Ogham Letters Meanings Gooseberry

Ogham Letter: IA or OI
English: Gooseberry
Celtic: Iphin
Latin: Ribes uva-crispa
Ogham Astrology: Venus.

Spiritual Meaning Gooseberry

Generations, gooseberry is the sweetest of wood/life, most wonderful of taste, divine influences, which surround us in the sweetest ways, the kindred spirits of nature.

Ogham Symbols And Meanings

Gooseberry medicinal benefits and uses

A jelly made from the gooseberry berries aids digestive problems and helps reduce fevers. A tincture or tea made from the gooseberry leaves help with pre-menstrual problems.


Magical Properties Gooseberry

To rid a sty that has developed on the eyelid, point a gooseberry thorn at it and say “away, away, away.” – Lady Wilde (Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms & Superstitions of Ireland, 1887. It is said to have sympathetic magical qualities, representing that which is tasteful and the divine influence.

Mythology Meaning Gooseberry

Not often found in folklore but has a strong association with fairies.  It has also been connected with the ‘dance of life “ and the “mystic crane dance performed upon labyrinths throughout Europe. Robert Graves also suggested that these bones (of the swine) were the discarded stems from the magic mushrooms that were eaten during a ritual. He said that mushrooms are called ‘little pigs’ in Latin and Italian. by druid priestess © Jyoti Eagles

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