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Beech Tree Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Beech Tree

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Ogham Letters Meanings Beech Tree

Ogham letter: ae
English: Beech
Celtic: Eamancholl
Latin: Fagus sylvatica
Ogham Astrology BeechSaturn
Beech Tree Element: Air, Earth.

Spiritual Meaning Beech Tree

Magic and ancient knowledge revealed. Letting go of fixed ideas. Learning from the past. Language, literature, and books. The workings of destiny. Pure desire and pleasure.

Ogham Healing and benefits Beech Tree

A poultice made from the leaves can be used to reduce swelling. Helps with skin diseases. A syrup can be made to help bronchitis. Bach Flower Remedies use Beech against mental rigidity, fault finding, intolerance, arrogance and lack of sympathy.

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Ogham Magic Beech Tree

Beech Tree can be used in binding spells – not that one would undertake such a spell light-heartedly! Write your wish on a piece of beech or paper made from it, and bury it in the earth.  In earlier times, when superstitions ran high, Beech tree was used as protection against fairies. In the Celtic Tree, Oracle Liz and Colin Murray link this few to the physical ocean itself, with travel, and to maternal links. They also claim that the letter represents “hidden knowledge that is only available when the moon and sea are full.”

Beech Tree Mythology

Most researchers of the Ogham, including Graves, see this Forfeda as meaning the Sea, which represents that which is other or otherworldly. In the story of Manannan, the sea Manannan is one and the same. The Sea does not represent the god. The sea is the god. Graves associates this with the book of knowledge in Manannan’s crane-bag. © by Druid Priestess Jyoti EaglesOgham Cards