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Astrology Planets Meanings

Planet Meanings And Symbols

A spiritual and metaphysical study of the ten planets astrological meanings. Understand how the planets influence affects each star sign and how it relates to you. © by astrologers Crystal Gaze and Jyoti Eagles. 

Star Signs Of The Zodiac

Spiritual Meaning Mars

planet meanings mars
Mars Meaning

GlyphShield and Spear
Deity:  God of War
Rules:  Aries

Planets Astrology Meaning Mars

 Mars is pure brute force… an energy that demands action.
It is a competitive and assertive energy which can either manifest as
blind rage and recklessness, or as a kind of healthy aggression. Mars Continue reading >


Spiritual Meaning Venus

planet meanings venus
Venus Meaning

Glyph:  Hand Mirror
Deity:  Goddess of Love and Harmony
Rules:  Taurus and Libra

Planets Astrology Meaning Venus

Venus is pure desire… an energy of love, balance and harmony.
It is the ability to appreciate and to value… to love and be loved. Venus Continue reading >

Planet Mercury Astrology Meaning

The Planet meanings mercury
Mercury Meaning

Planets Spiritual Meaning Mercury

Mercury Messenger of the gods. Mind thought,
communication, intuition, changeability.

Deity: Hermes the Magician.
Zodiac: Rules Gemini and is exalted in Virgo. Mercury Continue reading >

Planets Moon Astrology Meaning

moon planet meanings
Moon Astrology Meaning

Planets Moon Spiritual meaning and symbols

Moon, Unconscious, emotions, responsiveness, psychic awareness,
femininity, intuition creativity. A reflector of the light and truth.

Deity: All moon goddesses.
Astrology: She rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus. Moon Continue reading >

Planets Sun Astrology Meaning

planet meanings sun
Sun Astrology Meaning

Planets Spiritual meaning and symbols

Sun, Light, Truth, spiritual centre, God force, powerful energy,
masculinity. A pivotal vital force in our lives.

Deity: Roman god Apollo.
Zodiac: He rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. Sun Continue reading >

Planets Pluto Astrology Meaning

planet meanings pluto
Pluto Astrology Meaning

Planets Spiritual meaning and symbols

Conscious evolution, transformation, spiritual expansion.

Deity:  God of the Underworld.
Zodiac: Rules Scorpio and is exalted in Leo.

Medical Astrology Pluto

Pluto, In the body it relates to the genitals,
ovaries/testicles, prostate, and pubic bone. Pluto Continue reading >

Planets Jupiter Astrology Meaning

Jupiter planet meanings
Jupiter Astrology Meaning

Planets Spiritual meaning and symbols

Expansion, wealth, abundance of spiritual knowledge and expression
benevolence and luck.

Deity:  God of gods.
Astrology: Rules Sagittarius and Pisces and are exalted in Cancer. Jupiter Continue reading >

Planets Saturn Astrology Meaning

Saturn astrology planet meanings
Saturn Meaning

Planets Spiritual meaning and symbols

Saturn, Discipline, learning, slowness of time and production.

Deity: Roman god = Greek god Cronus.
Astrology: Rules Capricorn and Aquarius and are exalted in Libra. Saturn Continue reading >

Planets Uranus Astrology Meaning

uranus planet meanings
Uranus Astrology Meaning

Planets Spiritual meaning and symbols

Uranus, Awakening, transcendence, sudden fluctuations, changes,
extremes, unusual abilities.

Deity: Sky God.
Zodiac: Rules Aquarius and is exalted in Scorpio.

Medical Astrology Uranus

In the body, it relates to the lower legs, ankles. Uranus Continue reading >

Planets Neptune Astrology Meaning

planet meanings Neptune
Neptune Astrology Meaning

Planets Spiritual meaning and symbols

Neptune, Unconscious, mysticism, inner self,
psychic awareness and development.

Deity: God of the Sea.
Zodiac: Rules Pisces and is exalted in Aquarius. Neptune Continue reading >