Planet Meanings

The 12 Planet Meanings and a collection of fixed stars with Astrology
interpretations for divination and how the planets influence affects each star sign.

planet meanings

Planet Meanings And Symbols

A spiritual and metaphysical study of the ten planets meanings. Understand how the planets influence affects each star sign and how it relates to you. And a collection of fixed stars and their meanings. © by astrologers Crystal Gaze and Jyoti Eagles.

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Jupiter Planet meaning Astrology

Jupiter Planet Meaning

Jupiter planet meaning expands whatever it touches. Large, extravagant, tactless, happy. He influences education, travel, wisdom, and ethics among others.   Jupiter Planet Meaning Astrology Jupiter more…

saturn planet meaning

Saturn Planet Meaning

Saturn planet Meaning testing and initiation. Saturn represents structure, discipline, concentration, severity, detachment, rigidity, maturity, wisdom.   Saturn Planet Meaning Metaphysical Saturn, Discipline, learning, slowness more…

sun planet meaning

Sun Planet Meaning

Sun planet Meaning influences our basic self, our ego, our aspirations and our will. He is our spirit. He represents our appearance and our stance more…

Mars Planet Meaning

Mars Planet Meaning

Mars planet meaning pure brute force… the energy that demands action. It is competitive and assertive energy which can either manifest as blind rage. Mars more…

moon planet meaning

Moon Planet Meaning

The moon planet meaning bright brilliant moon as the night star she is associated with dreams, the unconscious, moods, and subjectivity. Metaphysical and Astrological meaning Moon more…

Planet Meaning Mercury

Planet Meaning Mercury

Planet Meaning Mercury the messenger of the gods as he travels swiftly between them all. Also known as the trickster. He influences speech, travel. Astrology more…

Neptune Planet Meaning Astrology

Planet Meaning Neptune

  Astrology Planet Meaning Neptune Unconscious, Intuition, Lucid dreamer, mysticism, otherworldly, inner self, psychic awareness and spiritual development, Dream time, Astral Travel. Pluto Gods: God more…

Pluto planet meaning

Pluto Planet Meaning

Pluto planet meaning represents obsession, compulsiveness, fanaticism, sense of mission, emotionally driven resilient, inscrutable, sensitive and magnetic.   Pluto Planet Meaning Spiritual Conscious evolution, transformation, more…

Uranus planet meaning

Uranus Planet Meaning

Uranus planet meaning is associated with invention, discovery, excitement, technology, genius, eccentricity, electricity and accidents, among other things. Spiritual meaning Uranus Spiritual Awakening, transcendence, sudden more…

venus planet meaning

Venus Planet Meaning

Venus planet meaning is pure desire… an energy of love, balance, and harmony. It is the ability to appreciate and to value… to love and more…