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The Earth Mystics Search Map

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Earth Mystics Search Map

Earth Mystics Search Map Chapter 4

With anticipation in the air Elysha and her mother decided to spend the weekend in deep investigation. Questioning the inhabitants was becoming tiring and unsuccessful so there was one option which held an abundance of hope, filled with forgotten knowledge and ancient wisdom, “the library of course” Elysha exclaimed as it hit her like a tidal wave. Before entering they were both planning out and contemplating where to go and what to look for, each on their own path which would ultimately lead to the same goal, united by the mission set before them, sharing a vision and joined by a mutual love.


“yesss” a loud cry of victory from the shadows in the distance of long bookshelves, Elysha’s mother had found original and dusty maps of the area detailing the towns’ origins and state in which structure had begun.  The next hour was spent inspecting the maps and photocopying delicate blueprints. Filled with a sense of accomplishment, they left the library holding hands and sharing thoughts. They had a vague idea of where they needed to go and had drawn themselves a small map of their own to follow.
There was no time to inform their friends at this point; they had to see for themselves first, to confirm they were heading in the right direction. After 40 minutes of manoeuvring their way through the dense city with its crowded streets and barren spirits, they had reached their destination. Standing motionless at its entrance, both in awe, such a majestic sight, yet it goes unnoticed.  Elysha’s mind filled with questions, how is it this went unnoticed? How come no one knew of it? Its size was immense yet not a mention of it, not even by the lifelong residents. How has no one seen this lush land that seemed to emanate its own light, a world within a world it seemed as it stood its ground, firm in its foundation, its extensions reaching for the heavens, it was a life of its own and it was inviting them in.
Earth Mystics Search Map
As they stood in awe two big bright sapphire coloured  butterflies slowly fluttered by and came back again as if they were ushering them to come inside and for one sweet moment  Elysha saw the world as it was, they had been living in a charade, they had forgotten their roots, everyone, living in a world with no life, breathing in everything but fresh air, feeling everything except the earth, wanting so much yet giving so little, looking for something that everyone’s too busy to see was right there all along. This was a milestone moment on their path to the truth, this was what Elysha’s father had shown her in the dream that changed her experience in this new land, and this is what it had led to, but why? It couldn’t just be to merely see it, his message was far more urgent than that, “help it grow” he had said, but, it was grown, it was abundantly full, she could feel the warmth and love it shared permeating everything around her, it was almost overwhelming as it engulfed her being.

Removing shoes and treading lightly upon its earth, mother and daughter walked in and around the land as if the grass were porcelain beneath their bare feet. Without knowing if they had reached its centre, its heart, and then out amongst the shadows of the trees two figures appeared with grace and emerged drenched in a powerful essence that could not be denied.  Time and space were still, as if frozen, then its silence was broken, one of the figures spoke out, “Ai gan jiim yu no brabliit was the raspy voice of an elderly man.

Silence again. What language was that? What did it mean? Who are these people? Was this part of the plan? So many thoughts and questions raced through Elysha’s mind so she turned to her mother and what she saw made her heart race too, her mother had tears welling up in her eyes, she couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad but she knew her mother was overwhelmed with feeling, which could only mean she knew, remembered or recognized something in this situation, the people, language or place. What was it? What was happening? And again the voice spoke out repeating “Ai gan jiim yu no brabli”…  © Wendee Valencia 

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  1. Rebecca Lavnick

    This is wonderful. I have started two or three stories like this and it’s an inspiration to continue with my work. If we are not in some difficult place at the moment, we should be loving and living every moment. i.e. enjoying, doing our thing. for me writing is a big part and i think i’ll finally get me pen back to the pages and let if flow again…. <3 does this story go on? a story generally has chapters which you can always add and i think this one could do with two or three more! ;)

    • Ian Scott

      Wendee has plans to continue the story, thank you for your thoughts.