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The Secret Of The Secret

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The Secret of the secret. which is not really a secret at all.
The part that has been omitted is that they are talking about pure witchcraft.

Sshhh! The Secret Of The Secret Manifestation Success

There is evidence all around the world of stone circles and ancient groves where people performed the ritual as a community to manifest their desires and to honour the gods whom they believed provided what they asked for. In Great Britain, Turkey, India, France, Egypt, Italy, Mesopotamia, Iceland, Australia, Greece, The United States – archaeologists have retrieved untold numbers of artefacts that prove that The Secret was no Secret in generations past.  For the last several centuries, unfortunately, the keepers of this knowledge and the knowledge itself have been systematically destroyed – but the fundamental truth of existence can never be hidden as it exists within us all.

The Secret only tells you a part of the secret, which is not really a secret at all.  The part that has been omitted is that they are talking about pure witch-craft, which is the art of manifestation.  Of transforming consciousness. By aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the universe through ritual and meditation and becoming all that you are capable of being.  The reason there is so much bad press on magic is that if we were all truly in our power the dark forces who run the world would not be able to do their thing.

As Aleister Crowley says, every time you act upon an idea you are performing witchcraft. There is nothing mysterious about it. It is the way of the universe. To take The Secret one step further it would be more powerful to truly get involved in your visualization by ritualistically involving body, mind and soul and engaging the elementals and guardians who long to be involved in creation but are only waiting for your invitation.

Everything that manifests in the world begins with the unknowable unknown. We receive an inspiration to fill a perceived need from this nowhere and it forms into an idea, which we develop and act upon, and the idea is born into existence.

Take the concept of a chair for example. At some point, somebody thought it would be much easier to sit on something inside their thatched hut rather than the floor.  So there was a need and the inspiration arose.  He or she may have thought they wanted something that was portable and about knee height and had a platform on which to sit. So they drew up a plan, collected the materials and put it all together.  Perhaps they went out into the forest to look for something suitable and another need arose; some tools. And on it goes.

This order of creation is universal; whether there is a need or it is just the natural cycle of existence. It is nature’s way. A seed falls to the ground and a tree grows, and in its natural cycle buds form, which then becomes flowers and fruit, which if it isn’t eaten, falls to the ground and rots and the seeds for the next generation begin to shoot.

This order of creation flows through the four elements of fire (spirit) Air (Inspiration) Water (idea – or energy in motion) and Earth (the material world). Our bodies consist of this four-element – Fire (Spirit), Air (Breath), Water (blood), Earth (body), so by attuning ourselves to them, we align ourselves with the universal flow on all levels.  When we perform ritual we invoke and attune our energies to these four elements. As we live in a world of duality, there is masculine and feminine energy or yin and yang to make sure we keep the balance.

Fire and Air are masculine because they are outgoing and active, Water and Earth are feminine because they are receptive and passive. Positive and negative. Dark and light. It is our Will that directs the energy where we choose to direct it.  And better it is for good or it will certainly backfire, as what you put out comes back to you three-fold.  Pity the dark lords of the secret government!

The fifth element is Ether which is the unknowable unknown from which it all originates.  We call it god or goddess or creator because it is beyond our understanding and therefore it must be something outside of us.  In actual fact we are god.  As above so below. There is no separation between anything that exists within the material world because it is bound together with this omnipresent Ether and has come from the same source.

We are all individual cells in the great body of mankind or the whole of manifestation for that matter, and the plasma that binds us is this light or life force which drives creation.  Knowing the order of creation helps us to make some responsible choices about how to use it wisely and to, therefore, fulfil our potential. ©  Jyoti Eagles