World Of Wars Syria Power And Hate

New World Order
World Of Wars

If you find hate in your heart and at the top of your mind. Projection, absorption and rotting of the aura begins to occur. Once allowed to permeate the soul, depression anger and hostility will reside.

Anger aggression and hate are killers. They will absorb your energy attack your peace of mind beginning a downward spiral of ill-health and eventually death.

Planet earth and all it’s miracles are born to Thrive we simply cannot do anything else the earth is an abundance of life and healing. We live in it around it and absorb it’s energies life cannot be stopped. The universe’s never-ending factory of life knows no bounds and no other way.

Within this rich tapestry of Natural Magic of harmony and growth exists all things positive and loving and all things negative. Being in tune with the moon and tides the sunshine and the rain naturally keep us positive. Free from restraining negativity, it is still around you but you are choosing not to absorb it. Do not ignore it ! When negativity rears it’s ugly head acknowledge it and send back lots of love not hate. Regardless of how it comes about Force will never be an answer for resolution.

Hate + hate = Hate
Hate + love = Harmony
Love + Love = Peace and Healing

Hate anger war and killing are primitive a little childish a touch crazy and no way leads us to harmony. If two brothers are fighting we do not walk up to them and break one of their legs as a resolution. As a parent / leader we find a peaceful way to allow both brothers being heard acknowledged and cared for. The mind set around war Syria America and the world is primitive barbaric violent and universally destroying.  War, fighting, violence, hate and anger is the world and it’s so called leaders behaving like three year old’s if not that than just pure evil.

The ruling energy of this Earth is destructive, negative and hell bent on war and revenge. You cannot find a movie video game or story aimed at children that has not got this element. Look at the latest blockbuster Boston. The Light workers have been working against this for many decades. What we see in the World today is a direct result of evil doers being in power for a long long time wishing their hypnotizing agenda upon us. The power of Love and Honesty ushered in many moons ago is coming to fruition. We need to see and look this evil straight in the eye so we may recognize it in ourselves allowing us to be free from it.

Then we may perceive clearly what is going on in Korea and beyond. The reason why money is concentrated on is because this is there precious, a bower bird collecting more and more and never happy with enough until they have it all and then still wanting more. Take this away from them as in #EndtheFed, this is how it is done to concentrate on anything else at this point will not get us anywhere. We do not live in a world of love yet but we will. Until then do not let others determine your purity or stance now is time for unity of Earths people to say NO I don’t like this game anymore. It is our shift to higher consciousness.

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