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Third Eye Poetry

Third Eye poetry Evoking the serpent fire, (kundalini) winding and finding its
way to my core. Once opened visions forevermore, ascension in store.

Third Eye Poetry The Metaphysical

The pineal gland, the 6th chakra,
a strong human marker.
The third eye chakra.

Hocus pocus, eye of Horus
pyramid lies, horror of the unwise.
The blurred lines become clear,
there is no need to fear.

Open the gates our supernatural power awaits,
covered, not hidden, secrets disguised.
No longer hypnotized,
the sage in all of us is on the rise.

Reconnect with the source, heal the remorse
that has been placed so strategically on our course.

Laying dormant, calcified, not in use, a planned spruce.
Seen as awakening, really just re-opening,
thank the light of earth for the Silica Sea.
Universal secrets contained in the size of a pea.

Planetary vibrations, we all but miss,
harmonic resonation is at our reach.
Not to be missed, do not breach.
A calculated metaphysical preach.

Evoking the serpent fire, (kundalini)
winding and finding its way to my core.
Once opened visions forever more,
enlightenment and ascension in store.

Vapored color appearing, aura’s seeing
feeling the sounds, hearing the sights.
Nirvana in full flight,
astral observations at night.

Time to reclaim our right
no need to fight.
Cosmic flow is in the know
we just need to move,
move along with the groove.

Live in the music of the universe – © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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5 thoughts on “Third Eye Poetry”

  1. The poem was very powerful.I did learn how were one with the universe.with the power of somethingas small as a pea.

  2. Lovely verse! Isn’t it astounding how many of our problems and fears can be resolved by just making the conscious decision to ‘move along with the groove’? Sometimes I find myself struggling to swim upstream for no good reason. So many answers can be found by just finding the flow of nature.

  3. I did learn from your poem and the links attached thank you so much for your wisdom…

  4. Reading this as a Pagan that has not taken time to practice my craft or spiritually repair, this poem shouts loudly to me. These things come to us when we need them, thank you for leaving it here for me to find. Time to practice my meditation.

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