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Tigers Eye Meaning

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Tigers Eye Quartz Crystal

Tigers Eye Metaphysical Healing Properties

Gold Tigers Eye
Vibrates to the number 4
Chakras = Solar Plexus 3rd, Sacral 2nd
Element = Fire, Earth
Planet = Sun
Zodiac = Capricorn
Health = Reproductive organs, Spine

Tigers eye crystal is a variety of quartz crystal a silicate and has a hardness of seven. Its name comes from the lustrous gold bands and black to brown stripes resembling the markings of a tiger. Or similarly, gold tigers eye looks like the shine and glint of a real tigers eye. Giving birth to the name warrior stone, tigers eye sits true to its name holding the vibrations of strength, power, and clear sight.

Another resemblance of the mighty tiger is that of the stones ability to instil courage in the mind of the beholder. A healing stone in its own right helping to balance the mind. Reigniting old retired neuron pathways in the brain aiding in the healing of mental illness problems. Stabilising emotional ups and downs, relieving anxiety and easing the darkness of depression.

Spiritual Meaning Of Tigers Eye

Tigers eye acts as a spiritual guide of sorts, working on our strength of character, willpower, and integrity. All forms of tigers eye trigger the third eye sparkling psychic energy within. Used by witches, warlocks, and shamans as a talisman against the evil eye or occult spells of harm. Specifically honed in on protecting the wearer from his or her thoughts being read.

Helps with the mindset needed to attract the right vibrations towards one’s financial matters, attracting money and solutions. Used in a shop till along with citrine encouragingly amplifies the takings for the day. Used in money spells and rituals to bring an abundance of wealth.

Red Tigers Eye Meaning

Chakras = Throat 5th
Element = Air
Planet = Mars
Zodiac = Aries

All of the above plus. Red tigers eye also known as the dragon stone, relieves anger and a frustrated mind. Useful for people who are studying long hours helping to alleviate stress and tiredness. Giving clarity, focus and will to succeed.

Blue Tigers Eye Meaning

Chakras = Base 1st
Element = Fire

All of the above plus. Blue tigers eye or hawks eye stone heals the over excited and underwhelmed in all areas of life. Blue tigers eye soothes a lonely heart and body from the denial of the need for company and love. Bringing peace to a lonely heart and helping to solve the issues which surround the person, preventing them from meeting others. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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