You Can Be On Many Levels A Total Winner

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Even if you’re just a lonely beginner
You can wear the gold medallion,
If that’s your inclination..
You can ride your own black stallion,
At the forefront of your battalion…
You can grow your own vegetation,
You’ll find sweetness even in the scallions..

It’s not your talent or the gift at birth,
It’s not your bank balance that determines worth,
And it isn’t in your nationality or the colour of your skin,

It’s your attitude that lets you win,
You can upset the Joneses or Austin,
Or win the marathon at Boston,

You can clearly profit through inflation,
or You can redirect this whole nation,
It doesn’t matter if you’ve won or lost before,
It makes no difference what’s the half time score,

It’s never over until the final gun,

birds flying

So keep on trying and you’ll find you’ve won,
You grab your dream and then believe it,
Go out and work and you’ll achieve it.

What lies behind us and what lies before us
Is a small matter of what lies within us
So right now this instant rise above time and space
Set the world aside and become a world within yourself

If your awake you’ll know to look up during the night

Check the essence of those entities
Important giants moving at the speed of light..
Climb up the oldest and biggest trees
Why not? every chance you get is a chance seized..

Change your view and tell me what you see..

Birds go Flying at the Speed of Sound
Just to Show everyone How it all Began
Birds Came Flying from Underground

If you Saw it you’d Understand

Oh, but When you See it you Will Understand
That Birds Came Flying from Underground
If you think you can.. of course u can..

Wendee Valencia


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