Do We Live In A Democracy Or Dictatorship ?

Do We Live In A Democracy ?

democracy or dictatorship

Children And Education

When we are told their is no choice you have to send your children to school and if you don’t, it is possible you will have them taken away from you. I ask you is this democracy or is it dictatorship. Don’t perceive me wrongly I do believe education is important, but I don’t believe what they are teaching. By law I have no choice in what my child learns and how they learn it and in what time frame. This is dictatorship, democracy works great on paper but unfortunately if you do not add honesty and love into the equation all you have left is a dictatorship.

Australia And Gay Marriage

Why politicians need to go through some personal journey ( Kevin Rudd ) to come to the conclusion of equality is beyond me, it should have nothing to do with politicians personal or religious ( Tony Abbott ) opinions or beliefs.

evil tony abbott
Looks Evil To Me – Tony Abbott

Why ? is it up to a few outdated delusional church minded politicians to decide what we should or should not believe in. That is tyranny and dictatorship.

Why ? do we all have to live our lives according to a few people’s opinions. Why ? is this a personal journey, actually it’s got nothing to do with anyone’s personal opinion or beliefs, politicians keep that to yourself,”  especially the man and woman religious illusion you try to pass at us “ We need to remind you no one likes religion pushed at them. This is not about gay marriage this is about equality for all human beings. As a democratic politician you should be thinking of the people and equality not your own personal opinion for that does not count. It is called no judgement and worldly wisdom.

This is a democratic society, the people have already spoken we do not need for the politicians to do or say anything more, except pass the laws for gay marriage and move the world a step closer to equality like we are telling you to do. It really does not matter who we vote for what party is in control the agenda remains the same.

Stop adding to the hate and separation of society by pushing your own personal beliefs and agenda, we need to remind you that you the government works for us, and we the people decide about gay marriage and everything else for that matter.

These are just a few thoughts on how we really live in a dictatorship and our freedom is but a mere illusion. I’m sure depending on where you live you will be able to name many more circumstances which lead you to ask do we live in a democracy or a dictatorship. © Ian Scott