Planetary Configuration: 12.12.2012: Uranus Grinds to Halt

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After five long months spinning backwards and out of control through the constellation Pisces, the maverick of the zodiac Uranus finally grinds to a halt and stands motionless in the sky on 12.12.12.  Closer to the Earth than at any other time of the year, the stormy electro-magnetic force generated by this eccentric planet is at its most powerful as it disrupts the status quo… opening a new, seemingly random dimension to greater knowledge and understanding.  

nasa photo uranus
Uranus planet meaning

This is a highly creative, but inherently unstable energy which breaks away from all known structure and logic in a chaotic bid for a new way of being.  Times they are a-changin’ my friend and whether we like it or not, we must open our minds in order to realize the seemingly impossible.  To infinity and beyond… have a great trip. – Crystal Gaze