Uruz Rune Stone Meaning

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Uruz rune stone meaning and spiritual, metaphysical influences
related to divination. From the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark.

Uruz Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings Uruz. Connected to the birch tree and great strength, Uruz asks where do our strengths lie. What weaknesses do we need to work on to turn them into strengths? Physical energy comes from the fuel we place into our bodies. The rune Uruz explores our energy levels and our thoughts on our everyday tasks.

If we suffer a lack of energy although our diet is good we need to look spiritually. Do our thoughts contain excitement and joy when we think of the day’s tasks? If no finding physical energy is no easy task. This lore of Uruz lies in all areas of life, relationships, work, hobbies and friends if what we are doing does not ignite the soul, depression and a lack of energy sets in. The rune of self-guidance.

Phonetic: U
God: Odin, Thor
Keywords: Strength, Courage, Energy
Symbolic Meaning: Wild Ox
Health: Muscles, Heart
Element: Moving water
Polarity: Masculine

Uruz is a healing rune and is associated with healing, sometimes to heal we need to disturb the locked the door we have imprisoned our grief in. Uruz gives us the strength to accomplish such a feat. Believing we have limits is not a Uruz quality.

Magical Uses Of The Rune Uruz

Marking the glyph on sports equipment for strength and power such as a cricket bat or your soccer boots. Scribe the glyph on the wooden spoon you use to create concoctions in the kitchen. This empowers the food and adds a healing element to the dish. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards