Weekly Astrology Reports May 12th To 19th 2014

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Hi I’m Jyoti Eagles and welcome to my new project with Thrive On News.

I have been asked to write a weekly astrology report for the team, and as this is my first – I will tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been studying astrology for over 25 years and I feel as though I’ve only just scratched the surface of this ancient and incredible science.  Its accuracy never ceases to amaze me.  Although we are told that we have free will – if you follow the stars you realize that we are all delicately wired to them and the choices we have are wether to choose the positive or the negative influence of the prevailing patterns.

As well as being an astrologer, I am also a Druid, a healer, a writer and a clairvoyant. I live on 180 acres in the middle of the forest on the Eastern seaboard of Australia in an eclectic timber hut built from local hardwood.  My home is powered by solar and an old generator and my water comes from the sky. If you are interested in a natal, composite or transit report, please contact the magazine to place your order. Also see Jyoti Eagles profile page.

weekly astrology report

Monday  12th – This week begins with the moon in Libra making contact once again with the Grand Cross that we experienced in April. (See my previous post on this momentous event!) Moon conjunct Mars can make you a little irritable and may find it difficult to keep the equilibrium that Libra demands. As Mars is still retrograde it could bring up old stuff.  You have the strength and will now start to break down formidable barriers.

Tuesday 13th – Mercury trines Mars, giving you more energy than usual. What you may have seen as obstacles will appear as challenges – spurring you on to resolve any problems you may have. With your communication, you can get right to the heart of the matter and settle things quickly.

Wednesday 14th – starts off with a rather dreamy ambiance.  (Moon trine Neptune).  Express your visions and write down your dreams. You should be feeling positive and inspired. Jupiter trines Chiron offering the bigger picture on health and healing, whilst the moon conjuncts Saturn, giving you that slow and steady steadfastness of Old father time.

Thursday 15th – is the full moon in Scorpio which is void of course for most of the day. Good day to not do much at all really – except perhaps meditate and witness those deep emotions you are swimming in as Venus also squares Pluto (Scorpio’s natural ruler) giving this Scorpio moon a double whammy. You will be asked to examine your relationship and resist the desire to manipulate your lover as a form of control. Venus/Pluto transits can create powerful love experiences that can draw you in and transform your consciousness for a time – but not with feelings of hidden innuendo, guilt and duty.

Friday 16th –  the moon contacts just about every planet in the zodiac, as most of the aspects are positive.  It is a good day to be spontaneous, playful and creative. Let the healing continue.

Saturday 17th – the moon moves into Capricorn and the other guys are giving you a well-earned rest as the influence of the full moon wanes.  Good day to take care of practicalities and perhaps weed your garden or mow the lawn.  Make the most of this breather – because it is short lived.

Sunday 18th – Moon squares Chiron, Uranus, Mars and Venus. Avoid impulsive behavior as you may have a tendency to over react to situations today.  Avoid stress on bones and joints, especially the knees. – Jyoti eagles


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