Weekly Astrology Reports – June 2nd – 8th

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Weekly Astrology

At the beginning if this week we can put all the recent intensity behind us. We have a couple of lovely trines lining up in water and in earth creating a magical six pointed star.

weekly astrology report

And as we are still in Gemini there will certainly be magic in the air ! (Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron trine in water and moon, Venus and Pluto trine in earth.) but towards the end of the week things will start to heat up again. The best advice I can give for this week is to be true to your heart and let the magic play it’s role.

Astrology Forecast

Monday – 2nd the moon is void of course in Leo, favoring creative endeavors. A peaceful time to be had.

Tuesday – 3rd the moon is still Void of course and mercury moves into Gemini so keep working on those creative ideas and inspiration, this aspect avails you.

Wednesday – 4th Venus sextiles Neptune which brings romance and strong spiritual connections, but be aware of illusions and over indulgences.

Thursday – 5th the moon is opposite Neptune so avoid making any big decisions. Especially emotional ones. Joining the trines is the T square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto which has been around for a while and we may all be still working with this potent energy.

Friday – 6th is a good day to get things done. To put all that inspiration into action. The moon squares sun and mercury so emotions could be a little out of whack.

Saturday – 7th moon conjuncts mars so watch your temper as you could be inclined to get a bit hot under the collar.

Sunday – 8th continues to be another hot zone day when moon/mars form yet another T square to Uranus and Pluto – plus mercury turns retrograde and communication gets even more complicated. – Jyoti Eagles


  1. kradzioch

    It seems like the weekends.. this week and last have been pretty tense.. I was really grateful to have some creative inspiration early in the week. I really needed that. I have had an eventful day today but I felt stuck on the creative side of things.. I am glad that Friday should be more productive. Knowing about the void on Thursday will help hold me over until then.

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