Weekly Astrology Reports May 19th – 25th

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This week we are moving into a beautiful grand trine in water, involving Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron. The overall mood is becoming much more uplifting and soothing. This brings for healing and balancing energies and emotions.

weekly astrology report

At the end of the week Jupiter and Saturn are coming into exact alignment with the grand trine, and at the same time the Moon is conjunct Uranus which triggers the T square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Maybe there is hope for some unusual or unexpected results concerning world peace, war, trade, distribution of wealth, power and resources … ?.

Monday 19th – Venus squares Jupiter. Be careful of over indulgences, but all in all this is a favourable transit where you will enjoy others company. Moon trines Sun bringing psychological balance. You will enjoy a feeling of vitality and enjoy group activities.

Tuesday 20th – sees a continuation of the positive energies with Moon trine Mars – making you more confident than usual and you will feel like getting physical. As Moon sextiles Uranus you will be feeling a little restless in a pleasant kind of way. You’ll be looking for stimulation and excitement. Good time to work on any new ideas or inventions.

Wednesday 21st – the sun moves into Gemini, making communication and exchange of ideas and information stimulating and rewarding. Watch out for a little touch of the blues in the evening when Moon squares Saturn, but this will only be fleeting. The Moon trines Mercury and aligns with the aforementioned grand trine – so you will be well in touch with your emotions and able to communicate them freely.

Thursday 22nd – we have a Moon conjunct Neptune, trine Jupiter and Saturn promising a lovely balanced kind of day. The Neptune component can however, turn us all into emotional sponges. Your sensitivity will be heightened along with your empathy. Start a dream diary. This aspect helps reveal your deepest dreams and spiritual aspirations.

Friday 23rd – The dreaminess continues with Moon trine Jupiter where you will feel a little spiritual disquiet, a mood in which you question your fundamental goals and aspirations. What you gain from this will be very important, so look at the big picture.

Saturday 24th – the moon is in Aries opposing Mars, which can bring up any pent up emotions that could lead to conflict. Things could be a bit volatile in the evening. Fortunately the sun and moon are in a positive aspect to each other and you should once again be feeling that inner harmony – that is if you can avoid having your buttons pressed.

Sunday 25th – The Moon is conjunct Uranus making us all feel impulsive and like doing something totally left field. Not a good day to try to do anything that requires focus – because you won’t be able to keep your mind on it, or you will do a sloppy job. Moon trines Pluto bringing the opportunity for emotional self-analysis – that is if you are willing to be honest with yourself. – Jyoti Eagles

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  1. anniemariepeters

    I really appreciate these weekly astrology updates. They are excellent and very thorough. Please keep ’em coming!

  2. Louise Welsh

    I think I may be lagging as this description could suit me for this week rather than last although I was a bit emotional towards the end of last week.

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