Whale Poem Awakening

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Whale Poem

 Whale Poem

Mother of the silica seas
omnipresent of the divine
sacred please keep in mind
communications with the ones
you cannot find.

Blissfully wondering by
moving only in peace
vibrating the planet
a mediation a sleep

Working with and
catching the breath of Neptune
moon caresses
sun awakens

Playfully jesting
Bonding, holding
sharing the message of love
silent compassion from above

Ancient Lands
underwater there found
the cruising ground
majestically all around

Connecting with the lights in the sky
passing energy through the waters
reaching earth, sending their gift
ascension, the quickening

Past, present and future
whales eye has the
reflection the introspection
changing interjection

Humongous metaphors of love and peace
is all migaloo shows us to keep? – © Ian Scott