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Spirituality and Religion are two entirely different things, as are being psychic and spiritual, one may be psychic, but not spiritual, one may be religious, but not spiritual. Being spiritual is beyond a set of beliefs, being spiritual is connecting with all that is positive and good within oneself, connecting to the universal energy of life itself.

That is why spirituality is such a threat to the NWO it always has been ! there are no organized laws and no bible or book of guidance. If we all tune into the positive good within ourselves we become spiritual, naturally finding the truth, all on our own. If we all tune into our positive center, our good, our love, we will all come across the same truth.

On a grand scale if we all tuned into our spiritual selves, our integrity and honor of the natural laws of the universe we simply have no room for lies, power and greed or corruption. It goes against our true positive loving selves. The fastest way to change the world is to shift the consciousness of the human race from one of power and greed to one of love and honesty.

The way this is done is for each and every man and woman to find their spiritual center, on their own and in their own way. The collective of earths energies will shift dramatically with this common goal in mind. by psychic medium © Ian Scott

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Ian created Thrive on news.com spiritual magazine to share love, light and truth. Ian’s amazing psychic ability and his warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian has helped many people find their way again spiritually after grief and loss of a loved one.

Ian is a popular Australian psychic medium and has over 30 years of experience and is an amazingly accurate Psychic Medium. His intuitive connection with a clear direct channel brings forth past lives, messages from beyond and emotional healing.

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