The Wisdom Of Listening Or Reading: The Child And The Child Within

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Spiritual Development For Parents

Every person has a story to tell, a message to be heard, and children are no exception.

listening to children
Listening to children

Life is difficult for a parent.  The stresses of raising a child are numerous and sometimes over-whelming.  Am I feeding them the right foods?  Are they learning the right values and morals? Am I providing enough financially for them?  Are they happy?  All these concerns can sometimes make us forget one of the most important needs every person has.  The need to be heard.

Parenting Advice

You might think that how high the ball went when kicked has no bearing on the stresses of your everyday life.  It’s not going to pay the bills or put food on the table, but to a child, it is the most important thing in their world, and they have chosen to share it with you.  You might have already heard the same story five times since they got home from school, but it was the highlight of their day and they are choosing to share it with you.

A child’s world does not contain the same stresses and worries that a parent’s world does and they don’t understand when we tell them to go away, there are more important things to worry about. In their world, there is nothing more important than what they were trying to tell you.

When a child is not heard they begin to feel shut out and ignored. They become angry and resentful.  If you will not listen when they tell you about the small things, as they get older they will not tell you about the big things.  This will eventually lead to a breakdown in communication and trust.  The child will try to find someone else who is willing to listen to them. This usually leads to anger and resentment from the parent, “Why couldn’t you come to me with this important information?”

When raising a child, we have to remember to focus on what’s important.  It does not matter how many hours you have worked or how many new toys you have bought or how many theme parks you have taken them to. If you do not listen, it was all for nothing.  When you listen to what a child has to say, it builds their self-confidence.  It helps their brain to develop and function in new ways. They become more open and honest and they learn how to trust.  It also makes them feel safe as they know, no matter what happens in this world, they will always have someone who is willing to listen to them. – Angela Soya