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Wizards Apprentice Poem

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Wizards Apprentice In The Beginning

Go right at the Birch Forest
When you cross the brimstone
Do not forget to evoke
The Druids of the sacred Oak

Travel forth travel long
Through the changes of the blackthorn
You will know the path by the runestone carved in Pine
Laying on a crossed Ivy Vine
It points the way and will never lead you astray

It is the great Wizard Donbalan you seek a master of Herbal Lore
Just beyond the mound on the rim of the Elder forest
High upon the mountain cliff, a cave may be found

Wait till nightfall signal Donbalan from a distance
with a fire light made from Ash and Holly
The smell of the smoke assures safe passage
Alerting him a friend is near without a startled fear

Nine days and nine nights
And the nine passages all leading to light
Through around and intertwined with the Oak
We craft a wand of Elder © psychic medium Ian Scott

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