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Wolf Within Spiritual Poetry

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Wolf Spirit

Wolf Within Spiritual Poetry

The wolf, warrior of unseen mysteries,
gatekeeper to realms unknown,
pathfinder of souls.

Strong enough to stand alone yet wise enough to understand
that in order to thrive family must survive.
In the strength of the pack lies the heart of a lone wolf
and in the heart of a lone wolf lies the strength of its pack,
grounded by the sun and guided by the moon, this spirit
comes to life from dusk till dawn.


Conquering the demons of the night just to clear away,
for the children of the light, leading the way, not without a fright
but more so with the courage of a higher source.

Protected by its ancestors with faith in its descendants,
loyal disciples walk in silence alongside the chosen,
none for the only side by side,
equal in mind will the spiritual power grow and be known.

Even in agony they move on, move forward,
move toward the doors closed to others,
opened by the sheer will of the gods.

These misunderstood guardians sent into Eden’s garden
to carry the hidden burdens of millennia passed,
cast aside as wild animals yet kept alive,
thriving deep in the forests with untamed spirits, never in hiding
yet never entering the human world unless provoked to do so.

Heeding the cries of the children at night,
lighting the path for lost souls,
strolling from realm to realm in search of answers
bought on by questions of the elders.

Soldiers of instinct, piercing thought cuts through the darkness
with a fierceness unmatched, determined to find a way,
un-blinded by danger fighting with perseverance focused by deeper sight.

Covered in scars and filled with a knowledge of the stars,
conversing with mother moon, a ritual forgotten by man.
Peering up to the universe at hand learning from the sentient beings on land,
weary on their travels but never losing grip,
a strong foothold on all that remains in their tired souls,
healers of the shadows whilst leaning into the face of death.

With an intellect unbound and insight now unfound
these creatures of the ground are slowly making
their way to the sound of the drumbeat, the calling,
the final warning from the heavens to make their last attempt
to save the lives of the man and the seeds left to grow in sand.

We must howl with the wolf to gain inner strength
let the cries reach the skies and be amplified
heard above the trumpet of the dead,
to search deep inside ourselves till we find
the wolf dwelling in the caves of our souls.

Unleash the power of the pack long hidden in the forest of our
turmoil’s and lets it be known that we too are guardians
that we too fight alongside our brothers and sisters and us too untamed
at heart have a path we are willing to stand up for
with family ties tightly bound can survive.

For we are the sons and daughters of gods and it’s time to overthrow
the thrones built by the kings and queens of mortal men..  © Thrive On News


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  1. irenedesign2011

    Thanks for sharing this post:-)

    • Ian Scott

      Thank you to for sharing your thoughts we love the wolf to.

  2. theanimalspirits

    Awesome work.