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Free Yes No Oracle Reading Online

What is a Yes No Oracle? An old gypsy fortune telling method providing a simple yes or no answer to your questions. Used for thousands of years in many different forms. This random yes or no card generator may help with decisions with your love life or career. Even though this is not a physical set of cards through which your energies connect. An online yes or no oracle works just a little different in your approach.


How To Use The Yes No Oracle Card Generator

Before clicking the “shuffle cards” button on the bottom left of the deck, hold your question in mind. Be sure it is a question which may be answered with a direct yes or no answer. Close your eyes ask for guidance from the divine or your own spiritual guides about the question. Make it clear to them they may use this oracle cards generator to provide an answer to your question. Click the “get your answer button” to reveal a yes or no card. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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