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12 Zodiac Star Signs And Their Meanings

Learn about your astrology star signs of the zodiac, read your own personal star sign gaining insight into yourself and others. A comprehensive look at each zodiac sign. © Crystal Gaze Astrology

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Quick Reference Guide Star Signs

Star Signs

  • Aries Star Sign Meaning

    Aries Star Sign Meaning. Astrological Star Sign Aries In ancient Egypt, Aries was associated with the god Amon-Ra. Jyoti Eagles.

  • Astrology Star Sign Taurus it’s astrological, spiritual meanings and personality traits. Learn all about the zodiac sign of Taurus by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

  • gemini

    Astrological Star Sign Gemini, symbology spiritual and astrology meanings, find out about the Gemini personality. Gemini 22nd May – 21st June

  • cancer

    Astrological Star Sign of the zodiac Cancer symbology and personality of a Cancer. Look into the star sign home of cancer and its meanings

  • leo

    Astrological Star Sign Leo symbology and personality. Search into the secrets of Leo and the lion and his meanings. Leo 22nd July – 21st August by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

  • virgo

    Virgo symbology and personality. A complete look at the influences Virgo plays. 22nd August – 21st September by astrologer Crystal Gaze.


  • libra

    Libra symbology, personality traits, spiritual messages, and meanings. Libra 22nd September – 21st October by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

  • scorpio

    Scorpio symbology and personality traits, it’s spiritual influences and meanings Scorpio 22nd October – 21st November by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

  • sagittarius

    Astrology Star Sign Sagittarius symbology spirituality and personal meanings. Sagittarius 22nd November – 21st December by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

  • capricorn

    Capricorn symbology meanings how and why your sign affects you. Capricorn the goats of the zodiac 22nd December – 21st January.

  • Aquaruis

    Astrological Star Sign Aquarius understand its symbology and find you or a member of your families personality traits. Aquarius 22nd January – 21st February.

  • pisces

    Astrological Star Sign Pisces symbology and personality traits its influences and meanings. Learn about your star sign Pisces 22nd February – 21st March.