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crystal powers

4 Crystal Secrets 4 Easy To Use Healing Powers

The Healing Power Of Crystals Created deep within the womb of Mother Earth, the power of crystals and semi precious gem stones have embedded in them all the miraculous healing energy of planet earth. Formed … Spirituality and health

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meaning of february

Spiritual Meaning Of February

Numerology February February holds the vibrations of the number two ( element water ) being the second month of the calendar year and the number six ( element air ) the vibration of the word February itself. … Spirituality Awakening Magazine

twin monkeys poem

Spiritual Poem Turn The Tables

Inspirational Spiritual Poem "Turn The Spiritual Tables" Every now and again we are given another chance at a glance, it feels like it's over before it began. Change is imminent, when the rope is … Spirituality Awakening Magazine

de stress meditation

3 Minute De-Stress Meditation Optimize Your Work Performance

How to de stress and reduce anxiety When stress and anxiety come knocking, our mental skills of calculation and observation weaken, we are no longer able to function at our fullest. Taking just three minutes … Spirituality Awakening Magazine

art therapy flower

Colouring Mandala To Stimulate Psychic Awareness

Mandala Art Therapy Colouring mandala ( mandala - sanskrit for circle or completion ) art therapy has been around for a long time now, it is a great way to see your soul reflected through colour. The choices … Spirituality Awakening Magazine

spiritual awareness

What’s Within Spiritual Awareness Duality

We live in a duality world, where there is light, there is dark. The world is full of people radiating love, light and non-violence and the world is also full of people radiating hate, darkness, violence and … Spirituality Awakening Magazine

Birth tree celtic astrology

What’s My Celtic Astrology Birth Tree Sign

Celtic Tree Astrology Birth Signs and Meanings Celtic Tree Astrology is based on 13 trees of the Ogham coinciding with the lunar moon phases. A single Ogham tree is designated to each moon phase of the lunar … Spirituality Awakening Magazine

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Herbs And Their Uses

Medicinal Herbs

herbs and their uses

Druid Herbal Lore Explained

Druid Herbal Legend There is a Druid legend where the Bards tell of a story

Healing Herbs

Animal Spirits

Animal Spirit Guides And Their Meanings

Animal Spirit guide Snake

Snake Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirits Snake Meaning Serpent Fire Massaging the earth with my

Totem Animals

Spiritual Health

Spirituality Health And Well-being

distant healing

Send The Gift Of The Digital Reiki Healing Bear

Distant Healing If you know someone this Holiday season who may need some love and healing but you

Spiritual Health

New And Full Moon Calendar

Spiritual Meaning Of The Moon Phases

moon phase meanings

New And Full Moon Calendar 2016

List Of New And Full Moons For 2016 AEST The astrological and spiritual meanings of the new and full moons for 2016. The influences and energy shifts


Healing Meditations

Guided Written Meditations


Meditation Visit The Great Goddess

Spiritual Purpose Meditation Meditation Goddess Guided Written

written meditations

Spiritual Meditation Music

Free To Download Meditation Music

written meditation

Find Peace And Sleep With This Guided Meditation

Sleep Meditation Music Meditation Music for sleep Your off on a long

meditation music

Psychic Development

Spiritual Oracle Cards


Beach Nature’s Oracle Card And Meditation Music

Spiritual Guidance Oracle Nature's Oracle Cards  Beach Fresh life giving oxygen. This energy

Nature's Oracle

Ogham Alphabet

Ogham Symbols And Meanings

rune tablet

Vine Ogham Alphabet Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Meaning Ogham Vine The first of the aicme Muim. Ogham Letter M Celtic : Muin. (muhm) English: Muin. Latin: Vitis vinifera

Ogham Symbols And Meanings