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pangolin poem

Pangolin Walks And Wishes To Talk

Saving The Pangolin One of the most hunted animals on the planet, the pangolin is killed eaten and used for so called medicine. Medicine is in the animals spirit not in it's body, to eat or kill such a … [Continue reading..]

Spiritual Meaning Of The Moon Phases

full moon astrology november

Full Moon November 2015

Full Moon November Astrology Meaning Full Moon November 25th in Gemini 3° this months full moon kicks off Saturn square Neptune which will hold it's influence through most of 2016.  A powerful and overwhelming aspect … [Moon Energy Meanings...]


Spiritual Energy Healing

spiritual healing

Spiritual Transference Healing Foods

Spiritual Energy Healing is achieved in many ways with many different faiths, beliefs and techniques. This form of energy transference is accomplished the same way we would treat a person with either Reiki or … [Spiritual Healing...]

Spiritual Healing

Guided Meditations

soul retrieval meditation free

Soul Retrieval Meditation

Written Meditations Soul retrieval meditation Soul Retrieval Shamanic Healing Meditation The following is a soul retrieval meditation which can help you to perform a soul retrieval do it yourself, if you … [meditations...]

ocean and mountain meditation for sleep

Guided Sleep Meditation

Sleep Meditation Music Meditation Music for sleep Your off on a long journey across rivers over bridges through the forests. When you arrive at your destination you are tired your eye's are heavy, … [meditations...]

written meditations

Channelled Messages


Quatrains Process Clarity

Spiritual Quote Wisdom From The Spirit Guides Look once Look twice Look three times, Only then shall you see what is really there. Canoe   3/3/1981  from the archives. … [Messages from spirit...]

Channelled Message

Animal Spirit Guides And Their Meanings

Animal spirit Bat

Bat Animal Spirit Guide

Bat Totem Guardians Of The Night The belly of Mother Earth, the cave dwellers versed in magic. The Dream weavers, unraveling the spiritual mysteries. Symbolism of bat   Bat Metaphysical … [Animal Totems...]

Animal Spirit guide Snake

Snake Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirits Snake Meaning Serpent Fire Massaging the earth with my walk, hearing her healing through her talk. We are connected mother earth and I. Silently slithering, magically delivering, sensually … [Animal Totems...]

Totem Animals

Alternative Health


The Natural World: Hydrogen Peroxide

H2 O2 Hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen. Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by … [Health And Well-Being...]

Spiritual Health


Imbolc spring festival

Imbolc Celebration

Imbolc Traditions Imbolc Traditions And Ceremony Imbolc Dates 1st/2nd February in the Northern Hemisphere 1st/2nd August in the Southern … [Read More...]


Spiritual Short Stories


The Tale Of The Hidden Oasis And The Earth Mystics – The Revelation Brings Action

Chapter 3 - The Revelation Brings Action Chapter 2 - Chance Encounter Chapter 1 - The Beginning A new friendship had begun meanwhile everything else was … [Short stories...]

short stories

Spiritual Poetry


Spiritual Poetry: Universal Opening

Times have been heavy, the Age of Aquarius dawning Delving into the Photon belt has left us feeling weary It's time to communicate, set fire to these … [Poems...]

Spirituality Poems

Herbs And Garden

Bottle Brush Tree

Bottle Brush Tree Australia

Australian bottle brush tree Bottle Brush Tree Bottle Brush Spiritual Meaning Abundance, laughter, joy, the essence of the kookaburra. The flowers … [Herbs...]

medicinal herbs

Mugwort Medicinal Herb The Prophet

Mugwort Spiritual Meaning Mystical magical mugwort the herb of protection and psychic vision. Artemisia vulgaris, sometimes known as common wormwood, … [Herbs...]

Healing Herbs

Spiritual Development

Life Is For Living

Spiritual Awareness Manifestation Magic Manifestation we all do it, all day long, the trick is being conscious of what you’re bringing into existence. We … [Spiritual Awareness...]

self help

Spiritual Awakening


Ghost Story I hear you

Australian Ghost Stories Are Ghosts Real ? An exciting day at school today, a year 5 class trip to the museum across town. I remember the ride to the … [Spiritual Awakening...]

Spiritual Awakening


real ghost stories

Paranormal Activity Ghost Stories Real As a clairvoyant, and as many of my colleagues confer - there is nothing supernatural or unnatural about their … [Ghost Stories...]